Will einer EU-Projekt mitmachen?

—–Ursprüngliche Mitteilung—–
Von: David Castillo <d.castillo@neo-sapiens.com>
An: wraedler@aol.com
Verschickt: Fr, 28. Jan. 2022 14:38
Betreff: Invitation Eramus+ project to Deutsche Schulschachstiftung

Dear team of the Deutsche Schulschachstiftung,

My name is David Castillo, director of the Spanish entity Neo Sapiens (www.neo-sapiens.com). I write you this email in order to invite the Deutsche Schulschachstiftung to join a call for partners for an Erasmus+ project that we are involved in together with the Fundación Francisco Bretón (https://fundacionfranciscabreton.com/).

The idea is to build a partnership to apply for a KA2 Erasmus+ call for projects on the next 23/03/2022 for funding actions of this programme. In our search of potential partners, we found the website of your organisation and we have seen that you could be a potential entity that could help us on the development of this idea (please find attached a document with all the information related to it).

In case of being interested, please complete the Partner Identification Form attached and send it to me before the 07/02/2022. Your candidature would be included on the selection process of partners that the Fundación Francisca Bretón as applicant and main project promoter will carry out within the next days.

Please feel also free to spread this call among organisations that you could consider suitable as project partners.

Do not hesitate to contact me in case of doubts about this initiative or your potential participation.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and kind regards.

David Castillo Tomás