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Cuadro de texto:Cuadro de texto:University of Alcalá (UAH)

Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) Spain


Post Graduate Certificate in Educational and Social Chess

New course from September 2021 to April 2022

Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences: https://posgrado.uah.es/es/formacion-continua/curso/Formacion-en-Ajedrez-Educativo-y-Social/




500 hours (200 webinars, 300 online) in Spanish

Cost to student €450 (pilot year only)

UAH will support the cost of developing the course

Course co-directors:   Pablo Jodra Jiménez (UAH)    Pep Suarez Roa (OCA)

Six lecturers from Spain and Latin America



To provide a comprehensive background in theory and practice in the uses of the game of chess to create an impact in the fields of education, welfare and therapeutics. Graduates will be recognised as certified school chess teaching specialists in Spain (FEDA) and Europe (ECU).


Topic description

Educational and social chess provides both teachers and social and therapeutic care professionals with the necessary resources for the development of cognitive processes such as thinking, mental schemes, imaginary practice or the control of emotions. The usefulness of chess as a didactic and social intervention tool has been proven in different studies whose conclusions specify its importance in the development of both cognitive and social skills, such as logical-mathematical reasoning, problem solving, memory, concentration-attention, decision-making, or empathy, among others.


Course modules



§  Chess Didactics:

§  Chess in Prison                                                                   

§  Planning     

§  Disability and Chess                                                                                          

§  Chess and Education                                                                                                 

§  Chess and Mathematics                                                                                             

§  Emotional Intelligence                                                                                            

§  Pre-School Chess                                                                                                      

§  Chess and Health                                                                                                            

§  Didactics of Chess II                                                                                    

§  Chess and Cognitive Impact                                                                             

§  Problem-Based Learning                                                                     

§  Educational Psychology and Chess

§  Mini-Games                                                                                                                      

§  Chess and Gender



Future developments


In 2022, the course will be extended to Master Level with 1600 hours of instruction.

An English version for international students will be developed.  More modules will come onstream e.g. chess and history. The course has been recognised by FEDA and ECU as part of their training programmes. We are waiting for a response from FIDE